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madeleine (MAAH-duh-lyn), 18, pennsylvania
university of pittsburgh
i like things like food and water and air. i don't think i could live without them.

my blog is a "kid blog" if you think like my friend james and don't like sarcastic posts and/or things that make you laugh.
one part personal epiphanies, one part one direction obsession, and two parts pointless stories and you may or may not find them amusing

ββχ 4ever beyotch

standing up for human rights is all good and nice and wonderful but can we please stop going on and on with these things so we can FINALLY GO SOMEWHERE IN THE GENERAL VICINITY OF CHICK-FIL-A PLEASE I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO GO TO THE BANK SOMETIME SOON

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  1. anfagistan said: Blame the fucking Bible. It’s the route of all of this evil.
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